Run to a Standstill

Its been almost twelve months since my last post, and there have been quite a few things going on during that time.  Sadly, running, walking and general fitness have not really been any of those things.

In April last year, both my recurring lurgy and recurring injury struck with a vengeance.  As a result, exercising was out of the question – my focus was on regaining my health, with injury rehab being a close second.  Although my injury is still niggling away, I’m glad to say I am currently in decent health.  Not quite 100%, but almost!

After being able to get some expert treatment for my health, I started to feel better within a couple of months.  But past experience told me not to worry about trying to jump back into any sort of exercise regime too soon.  I knew it was better to sit tight for as long as need be to fully recover.  As it turned out, it was into November when I returned to the gym to do some short, easy-effort workouts.

It was startling quite how much fitness I had lost during the preceding months.  Lighter weights, less cardio and a lot more recovery time was the name of the game.  One of the things I have learned due to this is the art of patience.  I am still well short of my previous levels of fitness, and recovery still seems to be harder at the moment, but I am sure it will come back.  How long will it take is the big question for now.

A couple of interesting things have struck me about this last year.  Firstly, its surprising how easy it has been to get out of the habit of looking for a new race to train for.  Maybe it’s due to focussing on my health that has filled in the gap for the time being.  Or perhaps, the cycle of train-injury-illness has made me realise that it would be pointless until I’m in a position to actually put in some consistent training.  Either way, it’s been a relief to get away from something that has been a bit of a negative cycle over the last couple of years.

There has also been the bonus of having more time on my hands to investigate a few other interests that had been in the back of my mind.  This helped to fill in my evenings over the summer and into the autumn, and helped to keep the somewhat obsessive and over inquisitive part of my mind occupied.  I discovered many new activities throughout my local area and met some really nice folk along the way, which helped me feel a lot more positive.  Being able to spend my new found spare time expanding my horizons has been really interesting, and I would recommend it to anyone who has to take some time out due to injury or illness.

But despite this positivity, I have become more appreciative of what I am currently missing.  Although, I’m not sure if appreciative is the best word to describe hanging about with a bunch of sweaty, breathless folk in lycra and running vests!  So I know where I want to be and I know it will take a while longer to get there.  I’m ready for the long haul, and patient enough to hang on for the ride.  Hopefully, I will have more to write about over the course of the next year as a result!