Walking Away

As I write, it’s just under three weeks to my next event – the Lochalsh Dirty Dozen in Glenelg.  Initially, I had entered with the intention of running the twelve mile course.  However, my ongoing injury problems mean that I am struggling to run a 5km at the moment, let alone close to 20km!

The Lochalsh Dirty Dozen, and it’s big brother the Dirty 30, have been on my bucket list for the last few years.  The scenery is astounding, and as it’s a community run event, there is a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.  Two years ago, I went up to Glenelg on the event weekend, helped out on race day, and thoroughly enjoyed the community spirit throughout the day.

This year, I am determined to take part, so have decided to complete the Dirty Dozen as a walker, instead of as a runner.  Naturally, I would have preferred to cover the course at a faster pace, but needs must.  On the plus side, walking will allow me more time to savour the scenery and views more than I would otherwise.

My training plan has changed to allow me to keep moving and I am now focussing on getting the miles in as a walker.  Tuesdays and Thursdays continue to be running days – interval sessions and run/walk sessions seem to be manageable up to 3 miles or so.  Sunday has now become long walk day, instead of long run day. Over the course of a few weeks, I have built up to 9 miles in three hours, and will be aiming for at least 10 miles over each of the next two weekends.

I have been lucky enough to get out in some lovely places, and have been fortunate to enjoy some good weather, too.  I have spent some time on the West Highland Way over the last few weeks, and enjoyed the scenery shown in the photo below.  I really appreciate the fact that I can get to these places relatively easily – the picture was taken a couple of miles from the start of the way in Milngavie, which I can easily get to by car or train.

West Highland Way, 7th May 2017

I have also been out and about, exploring my local town and landscapes, too.  There are a variety of places to walk locally, and I took advantage of this last weekend.  On my travels, I covered 9 miles, and walked through river gorges and along riverside cycle paths. The ever-changing scenery kept the walk from being dull, and I passed some of my favourite local views, such as the one below.

Despite slowing down to a walk, my progress is the gym has continued.  Weights are steadily increasing, and I have hit a PB for the overhead press.  The bench press and squat are improving week by week, too.  Progress in the bench press is a boon, as it has always been a weak exercise for me.  Also, my own weight hasn’t increased, despite running less.  This can only be a good thing!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be covering more miles in preparation for my trip to the Dirty Dozen.  I am certain this will be the year I eventually get my finisher’s memento and it can’t come soon enough!