Training Review Week Ending 11/09/16

With four weeks to go to the Great Scottish Run, my main focus is now to train consistently and build my long run mileage.  I am running the 10km event, a distance I have regularly raced in the past.  However, my current lack of fitness means I will be running far slower than before.

To improve my fitness, I will be doing two mid week club runs with the Hamilton Harriers, two gym sessions and a Sunday long run.  This week has been a mixed bag – some sessions have been good, others not so good.

The Runs

My first run session this week was hill reps.  This highlighted my current lack of fitness, as I only completed half the session.  However, the company of club mates was a good motivator during the session.  Its always impressive to watch the speedsters flying up and down the hill!

I then ran the club’s training loop for my second session.  The usual niggles in my lower legs appeared as usual, but didn’t stop me.  Lots of stretching is on the cards to help alleviate the problems and keep me running.  However, it was good to run a steady pace, and felt great at the end!

Sunday’s long run was supposed to be an enjoyable, easy paced meander.  Unfortunately, my legs had other ideas!  Within half a mile, the tightness from Thursday had turned into full blown shin splints.  By the mile mark, it was too sore to continue.  I decided to end the run at that point, and walk back to the start.  Such a frustrating way to end the run!

The Gym

Recently, I changed the structure of my two gym sessions, mainly due to a combination boredom and hitting a plateau.  I still spend an hour per session in the gym, however, I have now introduced more dumbbell and bodyweight exercises.

The usual combination of Power Plate and stretching finishes my workouts as usual.  I count this as a cool down, but it is vital to keep my legs running and injury free.

Another major change has been switching from squats to the leg press, and moving this to my Wednesday work out. In recent weeks, I noticed  that my legs feel fresher on Sunday’s long run, and I am finding the hills easier to tackle.

The Week Ahead

My main focus for the week will be more stretching!  Hopefully this will stop a repeat of the aborted run on Sunday.  Although my next race is only a 10km, I am conscious of the lack of distance in my recent runs.  My aim will to be increase mileage to a level that will get me round the course.

How has your training gone this week?  Feel free to let me know how you got on in the comments!