Timed Out!

My first trail race of the year was scheduled for last Saturday.  Thanks to local road works, I never made it out of the county, let alone to the start line.

As it was an afternoon race, I had some brunch, organised my gear, and left for the race two and a quarter hours before the start time.  Including travel time, this should have allowed me to arrive early, relax and warm up at my own pace.  Within fifteen minutes of leaving the house, I hit road works, which I have travelled through many a time without a problem.  This time though, there was a unsigned diversion – before I knew it, I was on the opposite carriageway, in a tailback several miles long.

As the minutes ticked by, and the traffic barely moved, it became obvious that I wouldn’t reach the race location in Pencaitland in time.  By the time I got through the traffic jam, it was almost race time.  I returned home, frustrated and annoyed that I couldn’t race.

What’s Next?

I now have a week holiday, so will be taking full advantage of the free time to go exploring.  I’ve visited two of my favourite places so far this week, including Chatelherault County Park.  Situated in the River Avon Gorge, this is one of my favourite local trails to explore.  There are many paths to follow, but my favourite route is a four miler that goes alongside the river at the bottom of the gorge.  Despite the hours I have spent going round this route over the years, I never get bored of the scenery.

River Avon, Chatelherault Country Park
The River Avon in Chatelherault Country Park, 10/04/17

I will also be picking up the training for my next races over the course of my holiday.  My next races are the Carluke 10km, and the Lochalsh Dirty Dozen.  The 10km is a local race, but I have never taken part in it before.  It will be my first road 10km in a long time, so it will be interesting to see how I get on.  The Dirty Dozen is a 12mile off-road event, and will be an big challenge for my current fitness level.  I have wanted to do this event for a few years now, so I’m keen to get to the start line.

I have a training plan in place, and I’m sure I will be able to cover the each distance come race day.  I am also aiming to continue with the weight loss.  So far, I have lost a stone this year, and hope to lose a couple of extra kilos before the race.

Hopefully, there will be no more mishaps on the way to my next races!