The Way Forward!

We are now into the last month of 2016.  I am in a positive mood, despite the long nights, cool weather and minor injuries.  There is plenty to look forward to at the moment, and plenty to keep my mind occupied.

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I have been using a run-walk strategy to complete my running sessions.  This isn’t my preferred training method – I would much rather run the whole session –  but I have noticed a few benefits from it.  Firstly, it has helped me to keep the shins splints problem at bay.  Secondly, I don’t feel as tired at the end of my longer sessions.  I have also noticed an improvement in my fitness, as I am moving faster in every session each week.  I have felt positive about the improvements, and motivated to keep moving forward.

A lot of my long runs recently have been completed off road recently.  There is a nice, flat section of trail at Crossford, which forms part of the Clyde Walkway.  The are plenty of great views of the river, and the trail isn’t too technical.  This makes it an ideal place for me to do my easy long runs.  Over the coming months, I will need to make sure I cover more hilly routes on my runs.  I’m therefore planning to hit the West Highland Way and the Great Trossachs Path more often in the near future.

However, progress ground to a halt on last week’s long run.  It was a rare sunny November day, and I was eager to get out for a run.  Sadly, twenty minutes into the session, I had to call it a day due to injury.  The pain in my shins had slowed me to almost a walk, and it was a struggle to keep moving along.  Sometimes, it is wiser to stop than keep pushing when injured.

Of the back of this session, I decided it was time to seek some professional help with my injury.  I visited The Treatment Hub in Hamilton for a sports therapy session. Previous experience tells me that the treatment will help, and will hopefully allow me to start the new year injury free.

In between running, I have been planning ahead for my next events. I am mainly focussing on shorter distances, such as 5km and 10km, with a few longer events thrown in for good measure.  Most of the events I have decided on so far are trail runs, however, there are a few road 10kms that I am keen to take part in.  For those of you who are interested, the Upcoming Events page lists the events I will be running in the near future.  Feel free to check it out here!