A Look Back – Favourite Races

With my mind on upcoming events, I have been thinking back to previous races that I have enjoyed.  Some events standout, and often for different reasons.  Here is a rundown of those races, and why I like them.

Monklands Half Marathon

The Monklands Half Marathon was my first ever half.  A year before that first race over 13.1 miles, I ran my first race at the 5km that runs alongside it.  Therefore, it was fitting to return there to run the big race!

Although the course has now changed, it previously consisted of one small loop and a big loop which was run twice.  I enjoyed this, as I could easily get into a rhythm over the two longer loops.  Also, as a slower runner, I would be lapped by the leaders around the 7 mile mark. This gave me a bird’s eye view of the sharp end of the race.

East Kilbride 10km

This was my first 10km back in 2006.  It was a mostly flat race, apart from a hill at 9km.  The course was a straightforward loop and was a good introduction to road racing.  Also, I lived 10 minutes from the start line.  Ease of travel always helps on race day!

Sadly, this race is no longer run due lack of sponsorship.  I would love to see it return one day!

 Frankfurt Marathon

My first attempt at 26.2 miles was on one of Europe’s flattest courses.  The Frankfurt Marathon often attracts runners aiming for a fast time.

The event is well organised.  It features a large expo and breakfast run the day before the big race.  Race day is well organised, and the course is an interesting tour around the city centre and out through the suburbs.  The finish line in the Festhalle arena is spectacular, with music and lights making it feel like a concert!

This is definitely a race to repeat, once fitness allows!

Strathaven “Run With The Wind” 10km

The “Run with the Wind” is a popular, club run race.  It often sells out within days, so you always have to get in quick to guarantee a place.

Many people focus on the fact that it is a downhill race.  However, there is a tough 2km uphill section in the middle.  It is also one of the few point to point races I run, so entrants are bussed to the start line.  Afterwards, there is food and drink available to runners.  This adds to the friendly atmosphere at the race, as many runners socialise afterwards.

Do you have any favourite races?  Leave a comment to recommend some races to me!