A fresh start!

After a few quiet months on the blogging front, there is now a shiny new blog to keep up to date!

The previous blogging platform started falling over on a regular basis, and eventually gave up the ghost completely after a few months.  After much to-ing and fro-ing, the self-hosted blogging wonder you now see took form.  There are lots of options to play around with, so I will no doubt be tinkering for the next few months to get the site looking ship shape.

The downfall of the old blog coincided with me struggling to keep remain consistent with both my running and general training plan.  After a poor performance at one event, and missing another due to illness, my motivation seemed to plummet.  Naturally, my fitness levels dropped over this period, too, and I have some work to do to rectify this.

With only a few months of the year left, I now have a couple of events to focus on – the Great Scottish Run 10km and the Strathaven “Run With The Wind” 10km.  Both are great events, despite being massively different.  The former is a mass participation event with thousands of runners, while the latter is a small, club-run event with only a few hundred runners.

Fortunately, the seasons are changing and the temperatures are dropping.  I’m not a fan of the heat, and I always find it easier to run in the autumn.  It’s still mild enough to run in shorts and t-shirt, but cool enough to make the sessions feel more comfortable.  The scenery also changes at this time of year and the ever-changing colours make the miles fly by, even on my normal running routes.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be focussing on building up my mileage and long runs, and making sure I am consistent with my training.  Fingers crossed that I will have something to celebrate at the club social event after the Strathaven 10km!