A belated race recap!

It’s been a busy couple of months since my last blog update.  In the meantime, I have continued running and training.  I have also managed to squeeze in a couple of races, so a race recap is well overdue!

Race 1 – Parkrun 5km

With recent injuries hampering my running, I felt that a flat, local race would be a good place to start the racing year.  My goal for this event was purely to complete it, as my fitness is so low at the moment.  This was an ideal opportunity to find out exactly where I am fitness wise, and give myself something to build on.

I arrived at the race with plenty of time to warm up thoroughly, and also have a quick chat to some club mates form the Harriers.  The race started promptly at 09:30, and I eased gently into my run.  Within the first mile, I was feeling good and started to overtake some of the other back markers. My legs felt fine, and there was no sign of the dreaded shin splints!

I reached the turnaround point at half way and began the low drag back to the finish line.  This is normally quite a difficult part of the race, as you have a clear view all the way down the last 2km.  On the upside, I could see who was in front of me, and focussed on picking them off.  I passed a good few runners in the home straight, and was glad to finish injury free.

Race 2 – Resolution Run 5km

I also decided to enter this race due to the flat course.  As it was a charity event, I was looking forward to a more relaxed atmosphere on the route, too.

It was a lovely day for a run, with blue skies and the occasional clouds.  The mild temperatures meant that I could run in shorts and a long sleeve top.  It was good to run without the extra winter layers on.

After a good warmup, I started from the back of the field.  I was immediately stuck behind walkers, and spent the first half a kilometre weaving in and out.  By the end of the first kilometre, two things were clear – firstly, the course was long, and secondly the shin splints were back.  I pushed onwards, expecting the injury to ease off.  However, by the time my watch showed 1.5 miles, I had slowed to a walk.

I walked for just over a minute, before picking up the pace, and carried on running until the finish.  I knew a good time was out of the question, so concentrated on the old tactic of picking off as many other runners as possible.  The pain wore off, but my legs had lost their oomph.  I finished the course at a slightly slower average pace than the Parkrun.  The course was also half a kilometre long, so a season’s best time was out of the question.

Upcoming Races

My next race is the Winton Trail Race 5km.  I really enjoy running off road, especially on an unknown route.  I also don’t race or run on the East Coast too often, so am looking forward to racing somewhere new.  With plenty of trail races coming up this year, I hope this event will set me off on the right foot.  Feel free to check out my events page to see where I’m racing!