2016 – A Running Review

With 2016 coming to an end, it is the obvious time to look back on twelve months of running and blogging.


2016 has proven to be a mixed bag, running-wise.  The first half of the year went well, with mileage increasing steadily, and the injuries staying away.  The second half of the year featured a bout of illness, followed by the return of injury.  Looking back at my progress at the start of the year kept me motivated to face the challenges ahead.  I have been tackling my injury head-on, and training around it, to kept me moving along.


There were big plans for 2016, but ended up only managed to take part in two of my planned races.  I completed my first ever Parkrun at Strathclyde Park in April, and despite running a relatively slow time, thoroughly enjoyed it.

The following month, I ran the Keswick Mountain Festival 10km.  I under-estimated how hilly it was, as I wasn’t expecting two Lakeland fells in the first half of the race.  Needless to say my focus was on enjoying the event, and that’s exactly what I did.  The views coming down Maiden Moor and Catbells are two of my greatest running memories ever!

Sadly, the remaining races of the year were missed, due to a combination of illness followed by injury.


At the end of September, the shins splints flared up.  As I mentioned in previous posts, this is a recurring injury for me.  This resulted in me missing a few end of year races, and has resulted in me having to adopt a run-walk strategy for the time being.  Fortunately, I am throwing all my efforts into fixing the problem.  Hopefully this will result in a good start (and finish!) to 2017.

The Year Ahead

I now have my sights set firmly on the year ahead.  My calendar of events is coming together (see the Upcoming Events page).  I am looking at shorter events in the start of the year, followed by longer events later on.  There will be a good mix of road and trail races, and a few trips to run in beautiful surroundings.

I will be making sure I keep on top of my injuries to makes sure 2017 lives up to my expectations, too.  Fingers crossed it will be a good year.

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  1. Oh ouch! Shin splints are so tough. I usually back off at the very first sign of shin splints to avoid ever developing a real problem with that injury. Run-walking helps, but I usually take a couple days and just cross-train (usually biking, yoga, swimming, climbing, etc.) to try to prevent any shin splints from getting worse. Good luck getting past that injury and with your 2017 races!

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