Not quite on the run…

After a tricky couple of weeks, I have at last been back out for my Sunday run.  Sadly, it wasn’t at the Great Scottish Run 10 km as planned.  Today, I only managed to run 1.75 miles, with a couple of stops to stretch.  There was still a mile to go to get back to the car, so I walked and jogged this final stretch.  Not a great result in running terms, but I was glad to be out in the sunshine and cool autumn air.

The last couple of weeks have featured more injuries than running, and a light cold in the last week hasn’t helped.  The sessions I have managed to complete have been speed sessions with the club.  The short distances covered, followed by a break, have allowed me to run without triggering my issues with shin splints. However, the problems arise when I try to run longer.  Several runs have been cut short within half a mile.  After a good start to the year, this is a disappointing position to be in.

My focus is now on building my fitness, with the aim of running at least 10km non-stop.  However, I hope that my training from the early part of the year will help me get back on track.  Currently, it is doubtful whether I will be able to run the Strathaven 10km in November, but I will decide for sure closer to the time.  My main aim is definitely to shake the injury, and run pain free for the last part of this year.

The week ahead will feature a couple of club sessions mid-week, gym work and a long run at the weekend.  I will also be stretching daily to ease the injury.

With plenty to work on this week, I will hopefully post a more positive post in seven days time!